Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Final Product(s)!

Here they are!!! I am thrilled with how these turned out. I chose to keep both versions because I feel that they give off very different impressions and a sort of narrative feeling. The overlaid pattern was my hand drawn element; I drew the pattern out quickly before class without looking at the photo of my eyes and it happened to frame the features of my face really interestingly. I used the overlay layer blending option at about half opacity and used the Wacom Tablet to paint into my irises to bring out the color. The coloring of my eyes started with layering two photos with different white balances over each other and using transparencies - one photo accentuated the intense blue in my iris while the other showed off the details in the iris itself, which became the ground on which I based my painting. I used burning and dodging for the areas around my face and irises. Reminiscent is a piece that is a reference to hallucinations I have seen in the past. Originally, the pattern was going to be much more intricate and colorful, but I decided to leave it as is - it seems more sophisticated, in my mind, this way. If one were to compare the two in this set, I would expect them to enjoy the top one more, which was the first version, but I could not help but be drawn to the grey one as well, for some reason.