Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Final Project Progress 1

So for my final project I want to create a piece based off of some life experiences. I will use a photo of one or both of my eyes and enhance the iris by upping the saturation and bringing out the patterns from it into the rest of the picture plane. I am considering some kind of a fractal pattern spiraling out from the eye which will have a gradient texture in each of the sections. The fractal pattern will be based off of the Fibonacci Spiral. I want to overlay some sort of image or line work over the eyes to push layering and interest, but I am stuck between the psilocybin molecular structure or the wings of a dove. I am excited with this idea and have been pulling a few references and taking some photos thus far, as shown below.

As of April 24th, this is how my design looks before working and after:

I can't decide on my work of the right pupil. On this scale, I really enjoy the way that the colors and strokes came together, but up close, it's just not as fine tuned as I'd like it to be. I also am not sure about how I feel with the cropping vertically; the nose tip seems a bit awkward. I will use a pattern overlay so perhaps the iris detail isn't as imperative as I am making it seem.

Stay tuned to my next blog post for updates.

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