Thursday, March 6, 2014

Project 3 - Penguin F-150 (p3a, p3b)

Our third project in digital foundations was to create a character with a certain expression or movement out of paper, or papercraft. We were to pay attention to clothing, patterns, textures, and accessories for our character, as well as bodily movements and considering interchangeable parts. My papercraft character is a penguin sliding on his belly. I used the rectangle tool, clipping masks, guides, and anchor points primarily to achieve the form layout that I wanted. I was originally going to round the figure more-so than I did with the final product with more folds and tabs, but ended up losing myself in the construction, so I dumbed it down a bit and made it more geometric. To make the penguin slide, I attached him to a small model Ford F-150, sort of like a Hotwheels knockoff product. As far as the color scheme goes, I chose to keep it realistic to an actual penguin, using only white, black, grey, and orange, and yellow for his body (the red truck is irrelevant).
If one were to build the penguin from the template, one would consider following these directions:
1. Construct the 4-sided body that contains three sections (12 sides total); each tab connects to the adjacent side.
2. Construct the 6-sided head and attach it to the body
3. Construct each 6-sided foot and attach to each side of body at where the longer body segments are, snug to the line where black and white meet. Orientation is not necessarily important.
4. Cut a hole into the white portion of the middle segment of the body with half of the hole on each side of the crease, proportionate to the dimensions of your vehicle to which you plan to attach the penguin.
Notes. Rubber cement or tape are fine to use; tape is recommended for stability. You may need to trim your body for wheel drums depending on placement of the character on the car and location of the wheels.
5. Roll the penguin, have fun, life free, die young.
Originally, I was going to have a hill and glacier setting for the penguin to dwell in, but problems with my medium prevented me from doing so. I am very happy with the texture that I produced on the wings, but in the process of doing so and moving between computers, many of my organized layers were lost, causing the Illustrator file to be more confusing. I am happy with my penguin, however, and plan to build a set for him later on.

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