Thursday, February 13, 2014

Project 2 - Awareness Flyer: Egyptian Revolution with Gestalt Principles (p2a, p2b)

The flyer I created describes the unity of the Egyptian people who fought against the brutality of the Egyptian police. In 2011, when president Mubarak was ousted, the world watched the incredible change sweep across the nation, and as the Egyptians cheered and celebrated in front of the television, they had no idea that their troubles were far from over. The Revolution continues to go on today, as the people of Egypt continue to struggle for their rights and freedom.
The background colors, black white and red, give the composition a flat and striking place to sit. The red of the flag drips down onto the helmets of the police officers, representing the blood of the people on their hands. I used a gold/yellow for the revolution fist as that is the color of the emblem in the center of their flag. The vertical orientation of the fist represents uprising. I chose to use the same facial features on all of the people to reiterate the fact that they stand as one. The Gestalt Principals that I chose to focus on were proximity and similarity.
Overall, I am happy with the way the final, 2nd version. There was a saying in a documentary that i watched about the Revolution on Netflix in which all of the people kept chanting "one hand". I wish I would have incorporated that text somewhere in my design, as many other people included text in their projects successfully. Also, I would have changed the helmets of the police to make them look more "helmety".